Pet Cat Comb for Grooming Shedding


  • Quality Care Material – This Pet Hair Fur Coat Cleaner Comb is made up of Biodegradable Recycled ABS Plastic Solid Durable Wear and tear Proof Material. 100% safe and secured comb teeth made up of Soft Silicone Plastic which doesn’t hurt the Pet Dog Cat.
  • Perfectly Designed – This Grooming Comb for Dogs and Cats are designed carefully understanding the use of the customer, the comb has an arc shaped Handle for better holding grip and the Combo teeth are molded in Round Arch shapes so that the animal enjoys the feel and with this your task becomes trouble free.
  • Advantages of the Combo – The First advantage of the comb is it can be used for any animal like Dog Cat, Rabbit, Horse, etc Helps you as Fur cleaner, Groomer, Fur Hair Coat Shedding Deshedding, Detangling matted Fur. It also help in removing fleas for Long and Short Best as Pet Massage Brush.
  • Other Benefits – The Hair Cleaner Comb is also good for promoting pet’s Blood Circulation and metabolism to keep them fit and active. It helps clears out all Mite Bug and keeps the fur coat silky and shiny.
  • Promoting affection with your Pet during cleaning and grooming you will feeling the confidence and build a beautiful relationship with your pet.
  • Description

    Pet Cat Comb for Grooming Shedding 


    Smooth, rounded teeth ensure the cat’s comfort, while long teeth penetrate deep into the cat’s fur lifting the loose hair. Be sure to comb areas behind the ears, base of tail, under legs and the abdomen, which can easily mat. For best results, groom longhaired cats daily; shorthaired at least once a week.

    Use with a Safari flea comb to remove fleas, nits and small debris.

    grooming tools are easy to use for every coat type and feature ergonomic comfort-grip handles. These quality products help to reduce shedding, mats and tangles while promoting healthy coats for pets.

    Product Description:

    Item Type:Pet Comb
    Target Audience:Cats


    1. Made of high-quality material, it is durable and non-toxic.
    2. Make the hair much smoother, and it can massage and repair the withered and yellow hair.
    3. It is elastic and does not scratch the pet’s fur and skin easily.
    4. The arch handle is comfortable to grasp.
    5. With the massage function, it can remove the loose hair and promote blood circulation.

    Package Include:
    1 x cat comb

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    Green, Blue, Pink

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