BD Ultra-Fine Nano Pen Needles 4mm x 32G (5/32” x 0.23mm) Box of 100ct

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  • BD Microfine Plus 32g x 4mm Pen Needles 100 Count are Compatible with the most of Brands.
  • BD 4mm Diabetic Insulin Pen Needles helps to Lower the Hypoglycemia Related Issues.
  • BD Micro Fine 32g x 4mm Pen Needles Comes with Advanced Injection Technique.
  • 4mm Insulin Pen Needle can Lower Anxiety During Insulin Inject as it is pain-free.
  • BD 4MM 32G Micro Fine Pan Needles lower the risk of intramuscular injection.

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  • Description

    BD Ultra Fine Nano Pen Needles 4mm X 32G


    BD ultra /micro fine penta point technology to make it easier to inject insulin. Pen Needles 4mm packaging ,  This Insulin Pen Needle provides reliable injections for all patients with no pinch-up of skin required. The Ultra Fine Short Insulin Pen Needle is thinner and more delicate for less pain and greater comfort. These Penta Point Needles are long enough to pass through the skin into the fat layer but short enough that it does not reach the muscle.

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